Obituaries and Death Notices Published in "The Granville Times" Granville, Ohio 43023 From June 11, 1880 to September 18, 1941 Edited for internet presentation by Donald D. Young

GranvilleTimes Published weekly from June 11, 1880 to October 10, 1918 and, after a lapse of just over six years, December 4, 1924 to September 18, 1941, "The Granville Times" carried death notices and obituaries varying in length from two or three lines to as much as two or three columns, of persons who lived or had lived in Granville and the surrounding area or were related to or generally known to the paper's subscribers.

This index had its beginning in an earlier version published in 1976 by Mary Case Amner under the title "Death Notices in the Granville Times, 1880-1941." Her index filled 179 mimeographed pages and included over 7000 different names. Minor corrections have been made where necessary, and additional names from two regular columns in the paper entitled "Around the County" and "Recent Deaths," which Mrs. Amner omitted, have been added. This has increased the total number of different names indexed to about 16,000. Mrs. Amner's two daughters have graciously granted their permission for the use of their mother's work in this expanded Internet edition. Click on the appropriate link here for the years you wish to see. [1880-1900, A - K] [1880-1900, L - Z] [1901-1926, A - K] [1901-1926, L - Z] [1927-1935, A - K] [1927-1935, L - Z] [1936-1941, A - K] [1936-1941, L - Z]

In almost all instances the spelling of names is just as it appears in the newspaper unless an error can be documented and corrected. Quite often items about the same person appearing a week or two apart carry different spellings and somewhat different information. The spelling of the names of towns and cities has been changed to that which is generally accepted as being correct at the time. All townships listed are in Licking County unless otherwise noted, and all towns, cities and counties are in Ohio unless otherwise noted.

While all issues of "The Granville Times" are available for viewing on microfilm, information presented here has been compiled from bound file copies of the newspaper. A complete set of films is available for the public to view and copy at the Denison University Library. Any questions about gaining personal access to these films should be directed to the University Archivist, P.O. Box L, Granville, OH 43023, telephone (740) 587-6399, fax (740) 587-6285, e-mail Denison University is very generous in providing storage space for the microfilms and facilities for public viewing and copying, but they are not able to make copies on request. See the third paragraph below for this service.

Other sets of the microfilms may be found at the Licking County Genealogical Society Library which is located in the Newark Public Library, Newark, OH, and at the Granville Historical Society Museum in Granville. The films are not available through the LDS Family History centers, but a few may be available at the Ohio Historical Society Library in Columbus, OH. The editor would appreciate being notified of any other known locations of one or more of the films.

The Granville Historical Society now has available on line an extensive index of almost 135,000 entries covering the complete publication span of "The Granville Times." Search is available by name of person or place, word/s in notes and/or subject. To access this index go to and click on the "Granville Times, Index to the Newspaper" link. Scroll down for instructions on how to search.

Photo copies of individual death notices/obituaries listed in "Obituaries and Death Notices Published in 'The Granville Times'" may be purchased from GTBC Co. for $3.00 for the first and $1.25 for each additional (same or different) ordered at the same time. In your request specify the name/s of the decedent/s along with the newspaper date/s and page number/s as listed in the obituary index.

Photo copies of items listed in the Granville Times Index on the Granville Historical Society web page will be supplied on a time charge basis of $10 per hour, charged in quarter hour increments, plus photo copy costs. In your request specify the Person/Place, First Name and Notes, Vol, No, pg & col along with the publication date as listed in the Granville Times Index. Include a check for $10. With your copies you will receive either a bill for additional charges or a refund for time not spent. Excessive time will not be expended without your approval.

When ordering by mail, checks should be made out to GTBC Co. and sent to P.O. Box 338, Granville, OH 43023. Orders also may be placed by e-mail with PayPal payment to Please include your e-mail address with mail orders for quick contact in case of questions. Allow four weeks for delivery.

Bound copies of "The Granville Times" are not available to the public under any circumstances.

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