Welcome! Here you will find links to my interpretations of complete burial listings of three cemeteries in the Granville, Ohio area, an index to all of the obituaries and death notices printed in "The Granville Times" from 1880 to 1941, a complete listing of birth registrations and corrections filed by individuals themselves in Licking County, Ohio, and my transcription of "Licking County Probate Court Death Records, 1874-1908."

In case we have not met before, my name is Donald Davis Young. With the exception of my college years and two years with Uncle Sam in the U.S. Army, I have lived only in Granville and have enjoyed retirement since selling my bookstore in 1989. Now much of my time is spent studying and recording the genealogical history of my family and editing what I consider to be important local genealogical information for presentation on the internet. My ancestors on my mother's side, 3g-grandfather Samuel DAVIS and his family, came from Virginia to Licking County, Ohio in 1806. Click here to view Sam's descendants. On my father's side I have recorded ancestors as far back as my 5g-grandfather, Andrew GIFFIN I, in Pennsylvania as early as 1740. Click here to view Andrew's descendants.

The first four links at the bottom of the page relate to the activities of my children. The cemetery links will take you to lists of burials in the two cemeteries located within the corporate limits of Granville and another out in the far north-east corner of Granville Township. "The Granville Times" link will take you to an index to obituaries and death notices in that newspaper. My father was the publisher and sometimes editor of "The Granville Times" from 1927 until publication was suspended in 1941. The Record of Birth Registrations and Corrections is a little known historical resource you should check if your ancestors and relatives lived in Licking County. It consists of birth information filed by individuals themselves when they found that a record of their birth was incorrect or did not exist. The Licking County Death Records are those recorded after the 1875 Courthouse fire for the years 1874 through 1908. There are a few more than 14,000 names in the three books.

My son, James Albert (Jay) Young, is a very talented professional artist whose specialty is rural landscapes painted in oil. In addition, he and his wife, Jenifer, operate the Kussmaul Gallery and Flower Market. Click on the links below to learn all about them.

My first daughter, Sarah who is a CPA, is now employed as Controller of an internationally known corporation based in Cleveland. She is married to Steve H. Taylor who, after twenty-four years of service, is the recently retired director of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Under his guidance the Cleveland Zoo has become one of the best in the country. Click on the Cleveland Zoo link below to learn more.

My second daughter, Donna, in addition to being a self-employed computer consultant, counts among her many accomplishments that of being a prize-winning maple syrup maker way up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. For a brief introduction to the art of making maple syrup click on her link below. There is also an opportunity for you to purchase some of the "real stuff."

Kussmaul Gallery

James Young, Artist

Donna's Maple Syrup

Cleveland Zoo

Old Colony Burying Ground List

Maple Grove Cemetery Burial List

Philipps Cemetery Burial List

Index to obituaries & death notices in "The Granville Times"

Licking County, Ohio, Death Records, 1874-1908

Licking County, Ohio, Record of Birth Registrations & Corrections

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