Licking County, Ohio, Death Records, 1874-1908 Registered in Probate Court Office Licking County Court House, Newark, Ohio 43055 Edited for internet presentation by Donald D. Young

In April, 1875, the third Licking County Court House to be located on the public square in Newark, Ohio was destroyed by fire. The only records that survived that conflagration intact were the land records located in the Recorder's office. Death records listed here are those that were recorded after the fire.

The order of the entries in the books suggests that an official from each of the townships and from the city of Newark may have been required to make the reports to the Probate Court, probably not on a regular basis. This would account for inconsistencies in spelling and details and also opens to question the accuracy of some of the entries. Several errors in dates entered have been documented, one by as much as four years. Significant differences between these records and those of cemeteries, grave markers and newspaper obituaries have been discovered. The fact that a few deaths may be found recorded more than once, sometimes with slightly different details, suggests that reporting responsibilities were not well defined or that the handling of these records within the probate office may not have carried a high priority.

A certified copy of any one of these death records may be obtained from the Licking County Probate Court Office, Court House Square, Newark, OH 43055. In your request include the book and page numbers where the record may be found and enclose a check in the amount of $7.00 for each name, payable to Licking County Probate Court. The certified copy will contain only the information listed here along with a certification by an officer of the court that this is the actual information that appears in the book. There are no source records for the recorded information.

The editor has made every effort to copy the information from the source indicated exactly as it appears. In some cases interpretation of the penmanship was very difficult, and in a few instances it was impossible. Nothing has been knowingly changed. A few entries that appear to have been made at a later date than the original entries have been omitted. Most of the information enclosed within parenthases has been added from other reliable sources when deemed to be helpful. Modern day abreviations for the states of the union have been inserted.

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