Known Burials in Philipps Cemetery Philipps Road, Granville, Ohio 43023
Edited for computer presentation in 1998 by Donald D. Young

The Philipps Cemetery is located on Philipps Road just inside the northeast corner of Granville Township. The first interment appears to have been that of Thomas Philipps in 1813 although it is said that there are 25 unmarked graves.

Most of the information presented here has been derived from a transcription of the grave markers done about 1900 by Ethel and Nellie Evans. Information about the few burials made after 1900 has been obtained from grave markers and printed obituaries, and a new reading of the grave markers by the editor has added an additional sixteen names to the list. The cemetery is well maintained by Granville Township, and the older sandstone markers are in average condition for their age. Several are completely unreadable. On a 28 Oct 1999 drive-by it was noted that the nice wooden sign pictured here is missing. Is it now a decoration in some recreation room or fancy theme restaurant?

This information is intended to be used only for general and family historical research. It is thought but not guaranteed to be accurate. Before making copies, read the copyright notice at the end.


First       Middle Last       Sex  Birth Date    Death Date   Remarks 
Newton             Case        M   03/00/1828    12/13/1852
Julia       A.     Colinghan   F         1856          1883   wife of J.W.; moved to Welsh Hills Cemetery
Thomas             Cramer      F   10/00/1776    12/28/1860   husband of Rebecca
Rebecca            Cramer      F   03/04/1783    03/16/1855   wife of Thomas
Sally       Ann    Cramer      F         unreadable           daughter of Thomas & Rebecca
Thomas      H.     Cramer      M   03/01/1833    06/20/1883
William            Cramer      M   06/10/1803    03/15/1888
Adaline            Cramer      F   01/24/1809    08/11/1891   wife of William
Sally       Ann    Cramer      F   00/00/1830    08/15/1845   daughter of William & Adaline
Marinda            Cramer      F   11/15/1848    01/10/1874   wife of Robert
John        S.     Cramer      M   01/31/1790    05/22/1866   War of 1812 Veteran
Catherine          Cramer      F         1776    01/10/1836   wife of John S.
Martha      D.     Cramer      F         1808    10/20/1834   daughter of John & Catherine
Sarah              Cramer      F         1824    07/00/1824   daughter of John & Catherine
James              Cramer      M   10/12/1818    04/20/1842
Miranda            Cramer      F   04/00/1803    11/12/1851
James              Davies      M         1758    09/20/1846   born in South Wales
Evan               Davis       M   09/20/1820    05/12/1894   husband of Lydia
Lydia              Davis       F   01/25/1815    08/13/1894   wife of Evan
Charles     A.     Donohue     M   Govt. Marker - no dates    Civil War, 6th Ind. Cav.
Lucinda            Donahue     F         1832          1895
Mary               Evans       F         1815    11/18/1831   daughter of Thomas & Sarah
Elizabeth   Evans  Evans       F         1844    05/13/1905   wife of Thomas J.
Mary               Farmer      F         1789    11/05/1857   wife of A. Farmer
Joshua      Thomas Hankinson   M   07/02/1882    02/29/1884   son of Wm. A. & R.A.
William            Harris      M   02/02/1807    04/08/1866   husband of Margaret
Margaret           Harris      F   05/00/1814    02/19/1864   wife of William
Maria              Howard      F                 01/28/1905   wife of Noah
Thomas             Hughes      M         1852          1925
Thomas             Hughes      M   09/06/1787    09/02/1852   husband of Elizabeth
Elizabeth          Hughes      F   06/09/1804    06/15/1887   wife of Thomas
John               Hughes      M         1809    03/22/1834   born in Breconshire, South Wales
Joshua             Hughes      M   11/08/1844    09/30/1847   son of Thomas & Elizabeth
Jenkin      S.     Hughes      M         1800    10/07/1855   husband of Susannah
Susannah           Hughes      F         1779    09/29/1851   wife of Jenkin
Jenkin             Hughes      M         unreadable           son of Jenkin & Susannah
Catharine          Hughes      F         1813    03/10/1849   daughter of Jenkin & Susannah
Richard            Johnson     M         1777    02/22/1836
Elizabeth          Johnson     F   09/10/1787    09/16/1864
Richard     A.     Johnson     M         1831    06/09/1869
Hannah             Johnson     F   07/21/1804    07/03/1876
Peter              Johnson     M   06/30/1810    09/15/1878
Rachel             Nott        F         1815    05/01/1864   wife of S. M.
Thomas             Owens       M         1761    05/29/1820   husband of Rachel
Rachel             Owens       F         1784    10/21/1841   wife of Thomas
Samuel      J.     Philipps    M   08/00/1777    03/02/1854   husband of Lydia
Lydia              Philipps    F         1775    04/04/1843   wife of Samuel J.
Washington J.W.M.  Philipps    M   02/09/1819    07/19/1842
S.          H.     Philipps    ?   07/00/1823    12/08/1823
Thomas             Philipps    M                 05/20/1813
Samuel   Griffith  Philipps    M   11/17/1806    12/26/1899   husband of Susannah
Susannah    Reily  Philipps    F   05/00/1807    09/22/1893   wife of Samuel Griffith
Joseph             Philipps    M   11/00/1831    07/01/1832   son of Samuel E. & Susannah
John               Philipps    M         1802    08/30/1854
Wilhelmina Williams Philipps   F   03/02/1857    06/23/1898   wife of Samuel J.
Samuel      Jones  Philipps    M   12/28/1845    12/10/1910   husband of Wilhelmina; son of Samuel Griffith
Thomas    Wendall  Philipps    M   08/28/1849    11/03/1902   son of Samuel Griffith
Mary        C.     Platts      F   02/15/1804    02/25/1888
Thomas             Price       M   09/00/1824    03/11/1899
Martha             Price       F         1818    11/03/1889   wife of Thomas
Laura              Price       F         1843          1852   daughter of Thomas & Martha
Annie       L.     Price       F         1856          1906   daughter of Thomas & Martha
James       A.     Reed        M   09/06/1809    04/13/1888   husband of Rebecca
Rebecca            Reed        F   11/15/1816    08/22/1887   wife of James A.
George             Robison     M         1823    04/15/1841   son of George & Betsey
Priscilla Philipps Rose        F   11/08/1836    05/28/1897   wife of E.L.
Francis     M.     Smith       F   04/05/1839    12/02/1862
Lyman       D.     Turner      M   10/22/1841    04/26/1863   Pvt. in Co. E 76th Reg. O.V.I.
Rolla       E.     Turner      M   05/15/1860    04/23/1861   son of L.D. & S.E.
Thomas             Warner      M   06/00/1811    11/23/1824   son of Benjamin & Ruthy
John               White       M         1808    02/17/1856
Diana              White       F   07/14/1814    04/02/1842   wife of Erasmus
Samuel             White, Sr.  M   03/21/1762    08/27/1851
Martha (Philipps)  White       F   10/12/1769    04/14/1842   wife of Samuel Sr.
Erasmus     P.     White       M         1840    02/08/1903
Nellie      M.     White       F         1863          1888
S.          L.     White       M   Govt. Marker - no dates    Co. G 37 Ill. Inf.
Jonathan           Williams    M         1846    07/31/1846   son of James & Hannah
Thomas      T.     Williams    M   01/21/1809    03/18/1890
Henry              Williams    M    abt. 1840    04/23/1914   Civil War vet.
Amelia             Williams    F   01/30/1843    01/06/1905
William     P.     Williams    M         1808    12/03/1886   husband of Mary Hughes
Mary        Hughes Williams    F         1813    03/01/1852   wife of William P.
Edgar       W.     Williams    M   09/20/1871    11/19/1871   son of William & M.G.
Eddie       W.     Williams    M   09/20/1871    03/14/1874   son of William & M.G.
William     R.     Wolcott     M   07/00/1812    09/07/1837
Alphonso    E.     Wolcott     M   10/00/1836    01/10/1857   son of W.B. & Lydia

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