Known Burials in Maple Grove Cemetery Granville, Ohio 43023 From July, 1864 thru January 31, 2014 Edited for internet presentation by Donald D. Young

Basic information contained herein has been derived from public records provided by Maple Grove Cemetery officials. The editor has compared every record with the available cemetery written materials and has added further information from death records, grave markers, printed obituaries and, more recently, the Social Security Death Index. Bill Holloway and The Granville Historical Society have generously provided images of a hand-written interment book which lists burials #1 to 5297 (1864 to 2 September 1999). As time permits, burial numbers in the index are being linked to the page where they appear in the book. The entire book in pdf format may be found on the Granville Historical Society web page.

Information in this index is presented for use only in family history research. Before making copies or reproductions, read the copyright notice at the end. The interment book images are copyrighted by The Granville Historical Society; all rights are reserved.

If the person in whom you are interested died between 1880 and 1941, be sure to check the Index to Obituaries & Death Notices in "The Granville Times" which is linked below. This newspaper carried news of deaths not only of local residents but also many others living in Licking County and distant parts of the country and the world.

Individuals listed without a burial number may or may not be interred here. These names either appear on grave markers in the cemetery or in a printed obituary were said to have been buried here. In some cases the burial plans may have been changed, the bodies may have been moved to another location or ashes may have been scattered. Even some of those with burial numbers could have been moved to another location without proper record being made.

For a number of years after it opened in July of 1864 this cemetery was referred to as "beautiful Maple Grove Cemetery" and many bodies were moved here from other locations. Some of the death and burial dates associated with these moves may not be accurate. At the 1880 meeting of lot owners it was reported that "of the 495 graves now in the cemetery, 172 contain bodies which have been removed from other cemeteries." The designation of "colored" probably was added at the time of interment as a commonly used label; it has been maintained in this list as an important piece of information for those persons searching for ancestors and relatives. There is no evidence that those so labeled were relegated to any single area in the cemetery.

Causes of death have been removed from this list due to lack of space. Grave locations are included to facilitate searches for other persons buried on the same or nearby lots. ".1" in the Section column indicates a single grave section. ".1" in the Lot column indicates "A", ".2" indicates "B", etc.

Maple Grove Cemetery is located at the east end of East Maple Street in the village of Granville. Just inside the front gate there is a display board with a large map of the cemetery and a directory of burials.

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