Known Descendants of

Samuel and Mary Stone DAVIS

Compiled by their 3g-grandson, Donald D. Young

Samuel and Mary, along with their first three children, came by wagon from Virginia to Licking County (then part of Fairfield County), Ohio in 1806 and for a year lived about two miles north of Newark near Horners Mills (near the present Newark waterworks). On 15 Jun 1807 Samuel purchased land in Licking Township from Benjamin and Phebe Wilson of Harrison Co., VA. Later that year he moved to a farm one mile west of Jacksontown on the National Pike (now US40) purchased from Stephen and Sarah Robinson. Twin daughters were born after the last move. The present Dawes Arboretum, one and one half miles north of Jacksontown, includes all of the first parcel mentioned. A few small log structures in the arboretum have been constructed with logs from what may have been Samuel's two-story log home. Nothing is known of Samuel's ancestors or siblings. Entries in both the 1782 and 1784 U.S. Census of Hampshire County, Virginia place Mary's father, James Stone, and a Samuel Davis (this Samuel's father?) in close proximity. It is a matter of speculation as to whether or not one or more of the persons from whom Samuel purchased land in Licking County may have been related to him in some way.
Presented on the following pages are all of the descendants of Samuel DAVIS known to me along with the available birth, marriage and death dates and places. This information is as complete as possible and is thought but not guaranteed to be acurate. It has been assembled from a number of different sources, some primary, some published and some private. I am willing and anxious to share with other descendants, and I am especially anxious to make additions and corrections wherever appropriate. If you wish to copy or quote parts of this information, please give proper credit.. Feel free to contact me at any time.--Donald Young




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